Product designers and manufacturers are constantly striving to develop innovative new products to improve profitability and fulfill their customers’ ever-changing wants and needs. Yet the challenges they face in today’s global economy are daunting.

Material, production, transportation and logistics costs have escalated. To compete, fast and efficient production, smart use of technology, and production automation are essential – as are environmental awareness and consumer safety assurance.

When a revolutionary new technology such as Printed Electronics comes along, companies don’t just want to know what is and how it works. They want to know – “How can it help improve my business, simplify production, reduce costs, and allow us to bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively?”.

That’s why Blue Spark Technologies takes a “total solution” approach in working with customers across the industries we serve. Joining forces with our network of technology, integration and application partners, we offer complete, integrated solutions customized to meet each customer’s functional specifications and application requirements.