RF-Linked Sensors and Data Logging Systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially among manufacturers and distributors of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other temperature-sensitive products. Radio frequency sensors and data loggers allow users to accurately measure and record ambient conditions such as time and temperature, humidity, vibration and other environmental conditions. In doing so, they can minimize waste, ensure cold chain quality control, validate standards compliance and consumer safety.

Blue Spark thin, flexible printed battery solutions can be used to provide a reliable, low-cost power source for RF-linked sensors and data logging applications in industries that include:

  • Meat, fish and dairy processing and production
  • Fresh produce processing, packaging, storage and distribution
  • Frozen and refrigerated food processing, storage and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical and biological products storage and distribution
  • Temperature-sensitive chemicals storage and distribution
Are you are planning to develop a new RF-enabled sensor system – or would like an opportunity to move to a lower cost form factor for your existing system?

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