CLEVELAND (January 25, 2024)Blue Spark Technologies, Inc., a global leader in clinical-grade wearable and digital health tech, is launching a first-of-its-kind multi-sensor remote patient monitoring platform, VitalTraq™. VitalTraq includes one of the most groundbreaking contactless vital sign measurement sensors to date, Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG). Using a simple 30 to 60-second selfie scan, patients, clinicians, and researchers can collect digital measurements, including Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, and Respiratory Rate vital signs in a single contactless patient experience.

Engineered to modernize continuous remote care for patients, VitalTraq integrates the concept of device and data to optimize high-quality, real-world data collection while minimizing participant and site/physician burden. Patients experience convenient care by combining Blue Spark’s market-leading core body temperature wearable TempTraq® sensor and contactless rPPG facial scanning in a single, easy-to-use mobile application. Using groundbreaking, clinically validated Remote Photoplethysmography technology, patients scan their faces for a reading that captures blood flow patterns and translates them into vital sign measurements in a single remote monitoring platform. Combining the two technologies on a patient’s own device dramatically reduces the number of devices a patient needs while also reducing device distribution logistics on health care providers. rPPG sensing is currently available on the VitalTraq platform under investigational use only.

“The VitalTraq platform is ideally suited to remote patient monitoring in clinical trials as well as applications such as post-surgical patient monitoring for complications such as sepsis,” said John Gannon, President and CEO of Blue Spark Technologies. “The growing need for decentralized clinical trials drives the need for wearable and non-contact vital sign monitoring platforms such as VitalTraq. Continuous temperature monitoring detects fevers earlier, transforming today’s vital sign monitoring standards and helping healthcare providers deliver better care using real-time vitals intelligence.”

The VitalTraq remote patient monitoring platform consists of iOS and Android mobile patient applications, the HIPAA-compliant VitalTraq Connect cloud service hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, and a web-based clinical remote monitoring dashboard. VitalTraq is being tested and adopted by leading healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

“The elegance of the VitalTraq platform is intelligent – for patients and providers,” said Dr. MaryAnne Rizk, Blue Spark advisory board member and executive member of the Forbes Tech Council. “The decentralized care journey has been conveniently modernized with VitalTraq across the continuous care journey, triggering value across the ecosystem of clinical and consumer collaborators with access to real-world data of objective endpoints for evidence generation strategies. Patients can seamlessly manage their vital signs on demand, and healthcare providers/sponsors can access new digital endpoints, unlocking deeper insights into treatment responses. Critical insights can provide early intervention for patients’ safety and potentially achieve faster clinical trials with fewer participants.”

Blue Spark’s FDA cleared TempTraq, is a Bluetooth-enabled patch that monitors patients’ temperature continuously and alerts them to temperature rise events in real time. The patient mobile application also supports the collection of axillary temperature using Blue Spark’s single-use disposable TempTraq patch. Other vital sign monitoring devices can be supported upon request. The comfortable, disposable patch is an FDA and CE Cleared Class II medical device that goes beyond the current standard of care, providing clinicians with a quicker, easier, and more effective way to continuously measure temperature in inpatient and outpatient settings. Blue Spark will be demonstrating the VitalTraq platform at SCOPE 2024.

About Blue Spark Technologies, Inc.

Founded in Westlake, Ohio, Blue Spark Technologies is dedicated to pioneering continuous vital sign monitoring solutions that improve patient care, reduce costs and readmissions. Blue Spark’s flagship products, TempTraq® and VitalTraq™, are changing the way the world looks at vital signs. Blue Spark are proud members of DiME, CancerX and the Medidata Sensor Cloud Network. For more information, visit

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