Blue Spark Battery Products

Customized thin printed battery design and manufacturing integration expertise are our unique strengths. Blue Spark Technologies offers a variety of standard ‘off the shelf’ products as well as solutions that are infinitely customizable.

In addition, Blue Spark has a strong commitment to ongoing research and development, driven by our customers’ creative and innovative product ideas and applications. We continue to strive to increase battery cell performance, introduce new capabilities, and enhance assembly techniques for faster, easier device integration.

All Blue Spark battery solutions feature:

  • 1.5V/cell carbon-zinc MnO2 chemistry
  • Co-planar architecture for easy integration
  • Eco-friendly recyclable materials
  • Highly flexible, 40 mm bend radius
  • -30 to +65 deg C operating temperature
  • Energy capacity dependent on size
Current Blue Spark product offerings include:

Blue Spark ST (Standard) Series – a highly popular choice that is well suited to a multitude of products and applications such as battery assisted RFID, RF-enabled sensor systems, powered cards and badges.

Blue Spark UT (Ultra-Thin) Series – the industry's thinnest printed battery is extremely flexible. Suitable for applications such as transit tickets, powered display cards, and RFID smart labels and tags.